OpenStack Summit Diaries, Days 3, 4 – What OpenStack Users Want?

The mad rush of first two days had whittled down a little, more developers are around than customers. I wore a little bit of developer hat, attended developer sessions of interest. I continued more conversations though. Here are some interesting conversations: Conversation with Stephen Specter, Cloud Evangelist at HP It was good to catch up with Stephen, Read more about OpenStack Summit Diaries, Days 3, 4 – What OpenStack Users Want?[…]

OpenStack Summit Diary, Day 1, 2: Real Users, Impressive Stories

Lion Dance, Hong Kong CIO, interesting Keynotes, more conversations, Raspberry Pi (and another Raspberry Pi almost) and parties! The summit started with the opening ceremony – Lion Dance, followed by welcome note from Mr. Daniel Lai, the Government CIO of Hong Kong. Keynotes followed, with Jonathan Bryce announcing next summit will be in Atlanta and very impressive user Read more about OpenStack Summit Diary, Day 1, 2: Real Users, Impressive Stories[…]

OpenStack Summit Diary, Day 0

(This series is coming one day late, as I want to mull a little bit over the days events. For real time updates, tune to #openstack tweets:)). Laid back day, summit registration done, nice deep tissue massage for the sore back and more interesting conversations Chat with Pluribus Networks, the network hypervisor company. I need to spend more Read more about OpenStack Summit Diary, Day 0[…]

OpenStack Summit Diary: Day -1

After a delayed flight, multiple “van to hotel will be in 10 minutes”, 30+hours door-to-door, I made it to HKG on sunday afternoon. Hong Kong Immigration was very efficient, what I thought would take more than 30 minutes, took less than 5 minutes. That efficiency, however is not seen outside. Starbucks, Hotel reception desk, everything Read more about OpenStack Summit Diary: Day -1[…]

Why another Cloud Services Company?

If you are here, you know already that we are a new cloud services company. You may ask why another cloud services company? Here are some reasons: 1) Combination of technical expertise and business insights We have a strong engineering background, spanning over 10 years, with more than 5 years in virtualization and cloud. We Read more about Why another Cloud Services Company?[…]