Atlanta OpenStack Summit: Go Enterprise!

By now, you would’ve see numerous posts, either cynical or glorifying OpenStack/ OpenStack vendor announcements. Some on vendor wars, some on analysts stands. Here are my observations, as a follow up to my earlier post. These are not just  based on the keynotes or executive presentations, but include real conversations. Enterprise Workloads I observed two camps – Read more about Atlanta OpenStack Summit: Go Enterprise![…]

Stop bashing Red Hat!

I am honestly surprised about the reaction to the article on Red Hat’s support clause (or lack-off) around non-Red Hat distributions of OpenStack. Here is my take 1) Support clause Almost all vendors (Red Hat, Canonical, SUSE, Solaris) have support clause restricted only to their distributions. There is no reason to single out Red Hat on Read more about Stop bashing Red Hat![…]

OpenStack Atlanta Summit – what I’ll be looking for

GoOpenStack PSA from Delta – cheered up the Stackers from Seattle to Atlanta this morning! Before I retire for the night, here are the top three things I’ll be looking for this summit (apart from meeting ton of smart people, some of them I am lucky to be friends with.) 1) Enterprise Workloads As I had Read more about OpenStack Atlanta Summit – what I’ll be looking for[…]