What’s HP’s Cloud Strategy? Part 1: HP Helion Overview

HP’s re-branded cloud offerings – HP Helion and HP Helion OpenStack were the top things I was looking for at the HP Discover 2014 early this month. Here is what I learnt, and it didn’t disappoint. HP Helion Portfolio HP re-branded its entire cloud portfolio as HP Helion. HP Helion consists of the entire stack of hardware, software and[…]

HP Discover 2014 – what I am looking for

Thanks to Stephen Spector’s invite, here I am attending the HP Discover 2014 as an Independent Blogger. We kicked off the day with Steph interviewing me and Ernesto of 1cloudRoad (will update once the video is available). Obviously, there is a ton of news/ announcements here. Amidst all the activitu, here are the top three things I will be learning[…]

Is it possible to add a Backdoor entry into OpenStack?

During the The New Stack Analyst Podcast on OpenStack Contribution Trends, @VirtualTal of Adallom raised an interesting question about one of the contributing companies who were blacklisted by many governments. His concern was the possibility of this contributor adding backdoor entry code into OpenStack code. Though I addressed that briefly, I couldn’t explain in detail since[…]

OpenStack Marketplace – Review

One of the interesting announcements during the Atlanta Summit was the launch of OpenStack Marketplace. OpenStack Marketplace provides necessary details that help you to make an informed decision in choosing the tools/ resources for your OpenStack cloud. I am a firm believer of  open, transparent markets and am happy to see such an effort for[…]