HP Discover 2014 – what I am looking for


Ernesto, Me, Steph

Thanks to Stephen Spector’s invite, here I am attending the HP Discover 2014 as an Independent Blogger. We kicked off the day with Steph interviewing me and Ernesto of 1cloudRoad (will update once the video is available).

Obviously, there is a ton of news/ announcements here. Amidst all the activitu, here are the top three things I will be learning more about:

HP Helion and HP Helion OpenStack

I am particularly interested in HP Helion OpenStack platform. It is interesting to see so many bloggers/ influencers with very less exposure to OpenStack – coming from enterprise IT background. HP’s messaging around here assumes no OpenStack exposure.

Cloud Foundry and HP Helion Development Platform

I don’t know much of the HP Helion Development Platform, so hoing to learn a lot – what applications it supports  How it plays with underlying OpenStack (if at all it is underlying :)), etc.?

HP’s Enterprise Customers

HP has a strong customer based. With HP’s push towards HP Helion based hybrid infrastructure, they have unique challenges in educating/ helping existing customers. I am interested in learning how they are doing it. I will be attending as many sessions related to these topics, watching their announcements, and talking to leaders within HP to make informed decisions. Watch out for more updates!

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