OpenStack Marketplace – Review

One of the interesting announcements during the Atlanta Summit was the launch of OpenStack Marketplace. OpenStack Marketplace provides necessary details that help you to make an informed decision in choosing the tools/ resources for your OpenStack cloud. I am a firm believer of  open, transparent markets and am happy to see such an effort for the OpenStack eco-system. Here are my observations playing with it and some recommendations to improve.


Here are the top 3 things I like about the OpenStack Marketplace. I am particularly interested in the Rating/ Review feature.

Geo-Tagged Listings

Not only the participants are classified appropriately (like Training Service Providers, Consultants etc), they are geo-tagged. If you want a OpenStack Public Cloud in Europe, zoom in to Europe or choose from the dropdown list.

The map also gives me a quick view in to where OpenStack clouds/ services are offered globally.

Ratings/ Reviews

When I asked for the Ratings/ Reviews feature during my chat with the OpenStack Foundation during the summit, pat came the reply ‘It’s already there!‘. I have always felt the need for customer-driven ratings/ reviews for OpenStack services, something like Yelp. Very happy to see that in place!

They of course need to be populated; if you could do your part by rating/ reviewing appropriately, it is much appreciated.

Normalized Details

There is good amount of details for each listed participant – data center locations for public cloud, APIs supported, version supported, duration and levels for courses, billing plans etc., appropriate to the type of services they are offering.  They also appear to be normalized to follow same patterns across different vendors in a category. Such normalized details help consumer to compare apples to apples.


Here are some features/ improvements I would like to see in the Marketplace.

Jobs/ Profiles

As I had mentioned in my summit report, every body was hiring. With the dearth of developer/ operator resources, it might help to allow listing of jobs and profiles here. Particularly Profiles of developers seeking for new opportunities would help the situation (OpenStack Job Board already lists jobs, but not as part of OpenStack Marketplace)


This has been asked around a lot. I am still not convinced if the Foundation should be doing such certifications, but it is only a logical next step to provide some kind of vetting around the services. I would like to see some kind of vetting here (and having ideas how to do this while I am composing this :))

API/ Mobile App

Developer in me speaks! It would be cool to send in location/ type parameters as query parameters and get the results. Currently, all search is UI based. I need to choose the location/ type by either clicking in the map, or choosing from the dropdown. Lazy me likes something  like 

Next step would be a cool Mobile App 🙂

I am almost tempted to include a federation of cloud service providers, but we are far from it. So not here, not now.

Cloud Don Take

I am thrilled to see this initiative and view this as a great case of Foundation playing the role of enabler in the OpenStack eco-system, Kudos!

Do your part by either getting your service listed or make informed decision with the help of the OpenStack Marketplace and finally by providing rating/ reviews for the providers who have helped you!

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