OpenStack – Continuing the momentum

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I have been monitoring the OpenStack ecosystem since it’s Cactus release days. I am also a proud member of the OpenStack community, a contributor, an influencer and an enthusiast. Despite the skepticism from some analysts, I am more excited than ever for OpenStack ecosystem. Here are some reasons why:

Healthy Projections

If you had missed 451 Research’s OpenStack Pulse 2014, I strongly recommend you to take a look at it. It reinforced what the OpenStack community has been saying along, that there is real traction and real revenue. The report projects OpenStack revenue to be $3.3 billion in 2018. That is over 40% CAGR, from around $883 million this year.

Yes, public cloud is larger than that. But put it in the perspective of Red Hat reaching $1B revenue. It took Red Hat almost two decades to reach that milestone, which only emphasizes the difficulty in generating revenue based on open source solutions. Red Hat did it, OpenStack is doing it.

Increasing Adoption

As the periodic OpenStack surveys indicate, adoption is increasing globally. It is also interesting to note the increasing category of users: automative manufacturer, telcos (Ericsson, Nokia & more, healthcare, and more.

Leadership among Open Source CMP

With its global adoptions, increasing number of use cases, it is becoming clear that OpenStack is fast becoming the leader among open source cloud solutions. With the recent news of Eucalyptus acquisition, more power to OpenStack!

Expanding Ecosystem

OpenStack’s biggest strength has been it’s community and ecosystem. It’s users have been beneficial through a lot of other open source projects (nagios, logstash to name a few). Almost all major vendors are part of the community now.

OpenStack has spawned a variety of players – SI providers, vendors, training providers, consultants, startups, other open source projects and more. Check out OpenStack Marketplace for a good overview of the ecosystem. If you are attending the OpenStack Paris Summit, try attending our session on “Navigating the OpenStack Ecosystem“.

Other open source projects like Docker have also grown rapidly (so rapid that some people perceive it to be a threat to OpenStack). OpenStack has grown embracing such projects (for instance, nova driver for Docker, Kubernetes on CoreOs with OpenStack etc.).

This is the true spirit of open source, and OpenStack’s ever expanding ecosystem helps to continue its momentum. I am excited, are you?


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