OpenStack Startup Series #1 – StackStorm

OpenStack Startups

This is the first in series of posts covering OpenStack Startups. OpenStack ecosystem is in interesting phase with consolidation around major vendors and few acquisitions, all the while more startups blazing innovations. This series highlights some of these startups.

We have Evan Powell, CEO of StackStorm and Patrick Hoolboom of StackStorm with us today.


StackStorm is a DevOps automation company offering all open-source platform (also called StackStorm) which wires through various parts of software delivery pipeline – CI/CD automation, monitoring, remediation and more. For example, one can use StackStorm to implement an automated CI/ CD pipeline, insert adapters to collect data, monitor the health of the pipeline, take immediate action (say raise tickets) in case of a problem and even perform audits. It also enables you to define and share your operational patterns which are agnostic to underlying infrastructure.

It is easiest to see StackStorm as an IFTTT platform for DevOps, enabling you to define actions based on conditions. Please check this link to learn more.

OpenStack Connection

I met Evan Powell during the Atlanta Summit, in May 2014, where they were coming out of stealth (I apologize for mixing up the dates in the video). He explained how they are building from ground up for the operators and how they were utilizing OpenStack Mistral (Workflow as a Service). They also announced the release of StackStorm 0.5 platform during the Paris Summit. As a DevOps platform, they are always in the thick of operators.

Customers/ Pricing

StackStorm has growing number of companies such as Rackspace with large IT environments as its customers. They are currently evaluating different pricing models around support. Please reach out to them directly on pricing.

Useful Links

StackStorm platform is open sourced, available for download here. You can get started quickly from here. Please check their documentation for more details. You can also get more involved with their community here.


StackStorm is interestingly poised with the ability to tie in multiple siloes of DevOps pipeline with one-stop, all-encompassing platform. They seem to be the only such provider as against tons of competition who cater to specific siloes. Please try it out!

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