OpenStack Tokyo Summit Proposals, please vote!


Continuing our tradition of speaking at the OpenStack Summits on topics that help customers to learn more about business needs, challenges, and best practices while adopting OpenStack, we have submitted following proposals for the upcoming Tokyo Summit:

Navigating OpenStack Ecosystem (along with Seth Fox of Solinea)

Seth and I have been presenting an overview of the ever-evolving OpenStack ecosystem for the past couple of summits now. Apart from talking about who-is-who in the OpenStack ecosystem, we also show you how to find your way around this diverse and growing environment by mapping the OpenStack ecosystem. This session will also highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the vendors.

Why should you vote?

Whether you are new to OpenStack or an existing customer, this session will help you understand where the OpenStack ecosystem is now. It is more than likely that you would be interested in not just the infrastructure, but the solutions and services encompassing a wide range running on top of OpenStack clouds. This session will help you find your way across such a diverse and evolving ecosystem.

You may also find CloudDon Whitepaper (Mapping OpenStack Ecosystem) interesting.

Nine Common OpenStack-able Problems (along with Amar Kapadia of Mirantis)

Amar and I will talk about the most common use cases that OpenStack is suitable for, like eCommerce, Digital Workflow etc. We will walk through 9 common use cases with each an example of a major industry customer use case, going in to details on how OpenStack helped them solve real world problems they faced and how it impacted their businesses positively.

Why should you vote?

If you want to learn from existing users on how they used OpenStack for their specific use case and how they got benefited, you need to attend this session.

Please vote for these talks, share/ tweet if you can. Thanks!

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