OpenStack Ecosystem Mapped

[Given how dynamic the OpenStack ecosystem is, we knew that we need to update the mapping often. With the acquisition news around Blue Box and Piston Cloud today, we had to do it sooner than expected. Congratulations!] Download the whitepaper here: Mapping OpenStack EcoSystem   OpenStack ecosystem is a vibrant, diverse, ever evolving one with Read more about OpenStack Ecosystem Mapped[…]

OpenStack Startup Series #2 – StorPool

Introduction StorPool, a distributed storage startup is next in our podcast series on OpenStack startups.  StorPool was founded in 2011 by Boyan Ivanov, Boyan Krosnov and Yanko Yankulov with the goal of enabling simpler, cheaper and efficient storage on commodity servers. StorPool is head quartered with most of its employees in Bulgaria and offices presence in US and UK. Read more about OpenStack Startup Series #2 – StorPool[…]

Most Valuable Blogger (MVB) at DZone

I’ve been recently recognized as one of the Most Valuable Bloggers (MVB) at DZone. DZone needs no introduction, with more than 4 million average page views and 750K members, it is one of the top most go-to sites for tech professionals. I am very excited about this and feel honored to join the elite community Read more about Most Valuable Blogger (MVB) at DZone[…]

OpenStack Startup Series #1 – StackStorm

OpenStack Startups This is the first in series of posts covering OpenStack Startups. OpenStack ecosystem is in interesting phase with consolidation around major vendors and few acquisitions, all the while more startups blazing innovations. This series highlights some of these startups. We have Evan Powell, CEO of StackStorm and Patrick Hoolboom of StackStorm with us today. StackStorm Read more about OpenStack Startup Series #1 – StackStorm[…]

Gigaom Research Report: OpenStack’s Inflection Point

You might have read my recent report on Gigaom: OpenStack’s Inflection Point: What to Look for in 2015, comments welcome. Among the things I had correctly called out to watch for, here are some early updates from the OpenStack community on some of them: 1) Product Management OpenStackPM Kilo Mid cycle meetup kickstarted the conversations on Read more about Gigaom Research Report: OpenStack’s Inflection Point[…]

OpenStack Paris Summit 2014 – The People of OpenStack

MetaCloud took an awesome initiative to highlight the most influential people of OpenStack. What better way than to ask the community to vote for the most influential people and the community voted too. MetaCloud made a nice deck of playing cards with 54 most influential people, which was sought like hot cakes at the summit! Kudos to Read more about OpenStack Paris Summit 2014 – The People of OpenStack[…]

OpenStack Paris Summit 2014 – Talks/ Panels from Cloud Don

OpenStack Summit 2014 in Paris has been the largest summit so far, with more than 4600 attendees! I have been doing what I do at the summits – talk to different personas. After donning the Analyst hat, I will be wearing my developer hat for the next two days to look at what’s next for Read more about OpenStack Paris Summit 2014 – Talks/ Panels from Cloud Don[…]

Cloud Don is now an HP Helion MVP!

I am honored to receive the award of an HP Helion MVP, joining the elite group of Kenneth Hui, Adron Hall, Colin McNamara, Marcelo Dieder, Michael Still and more! Why am I excited? The Helion MVP award acknowledges technical expertise, community contributions, and the dedication to being a thought leader in the Cloud space. It Read more about Cloud Don is now an HP Helion MVP![…]

Chase Small Business Grant: Why should you vote for Cloud Don?

You might have across the Chase Mission Main Street Grants program for Small Businesses. 20 businesses will be awarded $150K to help them grow, make it big. Applicants need to secure 250 votes by Oct 17th in order to be considered for the next round, after which they will be evaluated by Chase representatives and Read more about Chase Small Business Grant: Why should you vote for Cloud Don?[…]

OpenStack – Continuing the momentum

<Cross posting from my LinkedIn Influencer Post> I have been monitoring the OpenStack ecosystem since it’s Cactus release days. I am also a proud member of the OpenStack community, a contributor, an influencer and an enthusiast. Despite the skepticism from some analysts, I am more excited than ever for OpenStack ecosystem. Here are some reasons why: Read more about OpenStack – Continuing the momentum[…]