AWS re:Invent: Customer Empathy, Commoditization, Coopetition, and Catchup

AWS re:Invent was a well attended one with more than 43K attendees. Here are my observations from the event. [Disclaimer: AWS provided me with a full access pass to the event.] Customer Empathy One of the recurring themes at the Re:Invent event was ‘Customer Empathy’. Increasingly enterprises are looking for help in their journey to the Read more about AWS re:Invent: Customer Empathy, Commoditization, Coopetition, and Catchup[…]

AWS re:Invent – what to expect

While I am planning on catching up all AWS re:Invent 2016 excitement via live stream, here are the themes I expect to see AWS addressing this week Enterprise I expect AWS to make more intentional efforts to reach out to enterprise segment of customers – through new marquee customer success stories, messaging, language or making Read more about AWS re:Invent – what to expect[…]

Why another Cloud Services Company?

If you are here, you know already that we are a new cloud services company. You may ask why another cloud services company? Here are some reasons: 1) Combination of technical expertise and business insights We have a strong engineering background, spanning over 10 years, with more than 5 years in virtualization and cloud. We Read more about Why another Cloud Services Company?[…]