OpenStack is Boring! And it’s good for customers

As someone who has been covering OpenStack since its early days, the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona was one of the most attended OpenStack summits and a markedly different one from earlier summits. While some of the adjectives such as mature, secure, inter operable, reliable resonated among observers, key adjective that struck to me was ‘Boring‘. And here[…]

OpenStack Tokyo Summit Proposals, please vote!

Continuing our tradition of speaking at the OpenStack Summits on topics that help customers to learn more about business needs, challenges, and best practices while adopting OpenStack, we have submitted following proposals for the upcoming Tokyo Summit: Navigating OpenStack Ecosystem (along with Seth Fox of Solinea) Seth and I have been presenting an overview of the[…]

OpenStack Ecosystem Mapped

[Given how dynamic the OpenStack ecosystem is, we knew that we need to update the mapping often. With the acquisition news around Blue Box and Piston Cloud today, we had to do it sooner than expected. Congratulations!] Download the whitepaper here: Mapping OpenStack EcoSystem   OpenStack ecosystem is a vibrant, diverse, ever evolving one with[…]

OpenStack Startup Series #2 – StorPool

Introduction StorPool, a distributed storage startup is next in our podcast series on OpenStack startups.  StorPool was founded in 2011 by Boyan Ivanov, Boyan Krosnov and Yanko Yankulov with the goal of enabling simpler, cheaper and efficient storage on commodity servers. StorPool is head quartered with most of its employees in Bulgaria and offices presence in US and UK.[…]

What’s HP’s Cloud Strategy? Part 2: A quick SWOT Analysis

Disclaimer: I was one of the invited bloggers attending HP Discover 2014 with T&E taken care of by HP. HP DIDN’T pay for this blog post.Please note that all these are based on public data and no speculations or use of any confidential data here. In my previous post, we saw a quick intro to HP Helion[…]

Blog Series: Enterprise Applications on OpenStack #1: Paypal

I have proposed a panel talk for the upcoming OpenStack Summit on running Enterprise Applications on OpenStack clouds. Towards that discussion, I thought it would be great to highlight some of the known enterprise application use cases. Please note that this will contain only published or publicly available information. If you want to have your[…]

Thinking Beyond Dev/ Test clouds: running Enterprise applications on OpenStack clouds

I proposed a panel discussion on Enterprise applications on OpenStack clouds titled “Thinking Beyond Dev/ Test Clouds: running Enterprise applications on OpenStack clouds”. We have kickass panelists (listed alphabetically: Subbu Allamaraju, Randy Bias, Chris Kemp, Krishnan Subramanian and Ken Pepple who don’t need any introduction. In this post, I will explain the motivation behind this[…]

Cloud Don LLC Announces Entry Into the Rackspace Partner Network

We are excited to announce that Cloud Don has become one of the Referral Partners for Rackspace. Since many of our clients are in the APAC region, we are currently partnered with Rackspace HK. Here is the press release. Seattle, WA – January 13, 2014 – Cloud Don LLC today announced that it has joined[…]

Why another Cloud Services Company?

If you are here, you know already that we are a new cloud services company. You may ask why another cloud services company? Here are some reasons: 1) Combination of technical expertise and business insights We have a strong engineering background, spanning over 10 years, with more than 5 years in virtualization and cloud. We[…]