Is it possible to add a Backdoor entry into OpenStack?

During the The New Stack Analyst Podcast on OpenStack Contribution Trends, @VirtualTal of Adallom raised an interesting question about one of the contributing companies who were blacklisted by many governments. His concern was the possibility of this contributor adding backdoor entry code into OpenStack code. Though I addressed that briefly, I couldn’t explain in detail since Read more about Is it possible to add a Backdoor entry into OpenStack?[…]

Stop bashing Red Hat!

I am honestly surprised about the reaction to the article on Red Hat’s support clause (or lack-off) around non-Red Hat distributions of OpenStack. Here is my take 1) Support clause Almost all vendors (Red Hat, Canonical, SUSE, Solaris) have support clause restricted only to their distributions. There is no reason to single out Red Hat on Read more about Stop bashing Red Hat![…]