AWS re:Invent – what to expect

While I am planning on catching up all AWS re:Invent 2016 excitement via live stream, here are the themes I expect to see AWS addressing this week Enterprise I expect AWS to make more intentional efforts to reach out to enterprise segment of customers – through new marquee customer success stories, messaging, language or making[…]

OpenStack is Boring! And it’s good for customers

As someone who has been covering OpenStack since its early days, the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona was one of the most attended OpenStack summits and a markedly different one from earlier summits. While some of the adjectives such as mature, secure, inter operable, reliable resonated among observers, key adjective that struck to me was ‘Boring‘. And here[…]

OpenStack Distributions – A Comparative Analysis

TL;DR Download Report here Introduction If you are an OpenStack customer or if you are evaluating OpenStack, you have so many options to consume OpenStack. If you are taking the on-premise route, your first order of question would be which distribution/ vendor to choose. This first of its kind report aims to help you with that.[…]

OpenStack 2016 – What To Expect?

I am not a big fan of annual predictions or self-applauding score keeping (though I admit there is some kick :)). This blog post summarizes highlights of 2015 and lists what I expect to happen in 2016 in OpenStack land. OpenStack 2015 Highlights defacto Private Cloud OpenStack continued its momentum as a private cloud platform, establishing itself[…]

Gigaom Research Report: OpenStack’s Inflection Point

You might have read my recent report on Gigaom: OpenStack’s Inflection Point: What to Look for in 2015, comments welcome. Among the things I had correctly called out to watch for, here are some early updates from the OpenStack community on some of them: 1) Product Management OpenStackPM Kilo Mid cycle meetup kickstarted the conversations on[…]

HP Discover 2014 – what I am looking for

Thanks to Stephen Spector’s invite, here I am attending the HP Discover 2014 as an Independent Blogger. We kicked off the day with Steph interviewing me and Ernesto of 1cloudRoad (will update once the video is available). Obviously, there is a ton of news/ announcements here. Amidst all the activitu, here are the top three things I will be learning[…]

Blog Series: Enterprise Applications on OpenStack #1: Paypal

I have proposed a panel talk for the upcoming OpenStack Summit on running Enterprise Applications on OpenStack clouds. Towards that discussion, I thought it would be great to highlight some of the known enterprise application use cases. Please note that this will contain only published or publicly available information. If you want to have your[…]