OpenStack is Boring! And it’s good for customers

As someone who has been covering OpenStack since its early days, the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona was one of the most attended OpenStack summits and a markedly different one from earlier summits. While some of the adjectives such as mature, secure, inter operable, reliable resonated among observers, key adjective that struck to me was ‘Boring‘. And here[…]

OpenStack 2016 – What To Expect?

I am not a big fan of annual predictions or self-applauding score keeping (though I admit there is some kick :)). This blog post summarizes highlights of 2015 and lists what I expect to happen in 2016 in OpenStack land. OpenStack 2015 Highlights defacto Private Cloud OpenStack continued its momentum as a private cloud platform, establishing itself[…]

OpenStack Tokyo Summit Proposals, please vote!

Continuing our tradition of speaking at the OpenStack Summits on topics that help customers to learn more about business needs, challenges, and best practices while adopting OpenStack, we have submitted following proposals for the upcoming Tokyo Summit: Navigating OpenStack Ecosystem (along with Seth Fox of Solinea) Seth and I have been presenting an overview of the[…]

OpenStack Marketplace – Review

One of the interesting announcements during the Atlanta Summit was the launch of OpenStack Marketplace. OpenStack Marketplace provides necessary details that help you to make an informed decision in choosing the tools/ resources for your OpenStack cloud. I am a firm believer of  open, transparent markets and am happy to see such an effort for[…]

Blog Series: Enterprise Applications on OpenStack #1: Paypal

I have proposed a panel talk for the upcoming OpenStack Summit on running Enterprise Applications on OpenStack clouds. Towards that discussion, I thought it would be great to highlight some of the known enterprise application use cases. Please note that this will contain only published or publicly available information. If you want to have your[…]

OpenStack Summit Diaries, Days 3, 4 – What OpenStack Users Want?

The mad rush of first two days had whittled down a little, more developers are around than customers. I wore a little bit of developer hat, attended developer sessions of interest. I continued more conversations though. Here are some interesting conversations: Conversation with Stephen Specter, Cloud Evangelist at HP It was good to catch up with Stephen,[…]

OpenStack Summit Diary, Day 1, 2: Real Users, Impressive Stories

Lion Dance, Hong Kong CIO, interesting Keynotes, more conversations, Raspberry Pi (and another Raspberry Pi almost) and parties! The summit started with the opening ceremony – Lion Dance, followed by welcome note from Mr. Daniel Lai, the Government CIO of Hong Kong. Keynotes followed, with Jonathan Bryce announcing next summit will be in Atlanta and very impressive user[…]

OpenStack Summit Diary, Day 0

(This series is coming one day late, as I want to mull a little bit over the days events. For real time updates, tune to #openstack tweets:)). Laid back day, summit registration done, nice deep tissue massage for the sore back and more interesting conversations Chat with Pluribus Networks, the network hypervisor company. I need to spend more[…]